As a talented expert in the field of paintings conservation, Valentine Walsh offers the following services:

Remedial Conservation

Valentine Walsh undertakes the full conservation and restoration of paintings . This work includes structural repair as well as cleaning, (removal of surface deposits, discoloured varnish and poor restoration) and then the restoration of the image where the painting has been damaged. This work is carefully discussed with the client and is carried out carefully and sensitively with the support of any scientific investigation necessary to make informed decisions. All treatment is fully documented and recorded in a written report. Conservation on site is also possible where the painting is too large or fragile to move.

Disaster Response

Valentine Walsh has experience in the recovery of paintings following disasters and is prepared to be called on to act, both on her own or as part of a team, to aid in rescue and initial treatment. She is willing to work in difficult conditions.

Scientific Analysis

Some scientific analysis can be undertaken at the studio. Where greater investigation is needed, Valentine can access leading experts in analytical science and can provide academic expertise and interpretation of results. Valentine is an initiator of the  The Pigmentum Project and the Pigment Compendium which she co-authored.

Project Management and Conservation Planning

She has worked on a number of large projects including the examination and prioritisation of large collections and the subsequent execution of their remedial conservation working to a strict budget and timetable. Large canvas paintings within buildings where the conservation work required major planning and co-ordination within a much larger project have also been undertaken.

Condition Surveys

Condition surveys of paintings prior to purchase or sale as well as before and after loans for exhibitions are carried out. Collection condition surveys are undertaken with a view to building up a careful conservation and care program. This is easily integrated within existing record formats and can include photographic records. Preventative conservation advice is also given.

Advice on Framing

Advice on the framing and protection of paintings is given.